Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are Tattoo Audio® headphones NFC enabled?

 A.  Yes. We incorporated NFC® technology into our premium headphones making it (tap-easy automatic connection) to configure Bluetooth® connection to a ‘smart-device'.

Just touch-and-go! If you hate tediously manually-pairing your headsets required for standard Bluetooth® headsets you know what we're talking about.

If you jump between multiple types of smart-connected-devices at different times of the 'day' and 'night, (like we do), ubiquitous NFC® touch-and-go pairing of devices is the only way to go!

Q. Are Tattoo Audio® headphones Bluetooth™ enabled?  

A.  Yes. All of our premium wireless on-ear headphones are Bluetooth™ v4.1.

Q. Does Tattoo Audio® headphones offer high-quality audio coding?  

A. Yes. Integrated with all Tattoo Audio® premium over-ear wireless headphones; AAC and aptX® audio coding (audio codec compression algorithms) delivers high-quality coding wirelessly over Bluetooth™, enabling users to lose the wires without compromising on audio quality. To find out more go to:

Q. Does Tattoo Audio® headphones have any type of integrated intelligent sensor?  

A. Yes. All models or premium headphones possess this IP protected feature.

Set Them Down.. really! And ta-da! Music and phone conversations immediately stop and Tattoo Audio's® intelligent headphones hibernate to conserve power resources.

Pick Them Back Up.. and WOW! Music starts playing right where you left off and never missing a 'beat'.

Tattoo Audio's® 'ingeniously' integrated smart-sensor is at your command. On/Off integrated button to the ear-cups makes it quick and convenient to turn the sensor On/Off for cases when you listen to music or watch a movie laying down.

Q. What does (tri-connection) mean?  

A.  'Tri-connection' means our premium on-ear headphones can be connected wirelessly to your smartphone while simultaneously being connected wirelessly to our integrated smartwatch. Android compatible smartphones can simultaneously connect to more than one device by wireless configuration.

Tattoo Audio® is the World's First (tri-connected) premium headphone with integrated smartwatch and our IP protects these rights.

Q. Are iOS devices able to connect to multiple devices simultaneously?  

A.  Currently No. Apple's iOS, built on CSR 8670 platform, only allows one iOS device (such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc...) to be simultaneously configured. (There are rumors Apple might be updating their iOS to enable multiple wireless device configuration. As soon as this update is made, iOS users will be able to experience simultaneously connecting to multiple devices by wireless connection).

Q. How long does the battery last for the headphones?  

 A.  The internal rechargeable lithium ion battery keeps our headphones going for about 15 – 16 hours typical use, and up to 20 hours low volume use. 

Q. How long does it take to recharge the headphones battery?  

 A.  Typical charge time is 2-hours by micro-USB connection or A/C adapter included (in-the-box).

Q. Can the headphones lithium ion battery be removed for charging or replace with another?  

 A. No. In order for us to pass the ‘Safety Drop Test' we had to build the lithium ion battery as non-removable to our premium headphones. ‘It's a safety issue, not a technical issue'.

Q. Are Tattoo Audio® headphones ANC enabled?  

A.  Sorry, not our current models. Including ANC technology will increase development costs and test-validation time frame 2-3 months. Plus, every ANC headset when QC inspected during production has to be individually hand tested one-by-one increasing unit costs above our budget. We have worked diligently to develop our high-performance headphones to provide similar sound quality to ANC without the added costs to consumers.

Q. Are the ear-cup padding replaceable?    

A.  Yes. We designed our soft memory foam ear-cup padding to be replaceable over time as the memory foam material wears out. Replacements will be made available on our website.

Q. Can Tattoo Audio® headphones be used to listen and speak with incoming Calls?  

A.  Yes, absolutely. You can listen and speak with incoming calls (wirelessly or in-line) with our premium headphones connected to your smartphone.

Q. How far away from the Smartphone can I be?  

A.  The industry predominately utilizes Bluetooth wireless protocol providing up to 10-meters (or 30-feet) range between wirelessly configured devices. As such, a person can be this far away from their smartphone while wearing and enjoying our premium over-ear wireless headphones and integrated smartwatch (simultaneously or individually).

Q. How long does the battery last for the integrated smartwatch?

 A.  The internal rechargeable lithium ion battery keeps our integrated smartwatch going for 1+ days full-time use and up to 3-days standby. Yes, we realize other smartwatches provide 5 to 7 days on a single charge, however they utilize a different OS, processor, e-paper screen and battery size.

Q. Does the integrated smartwatch display stay on all the time?  

A. Yes. The display shows a watch face at all time, if you wish. Adjustable settings are within the smartwatch.

Q. Is the TA100 smartwatch waterproof?    

A. Yes. Our smartwatches will be Certified splash and dust resistant to IP34 industry standard.

Q. Is the TA100 smartwatch scratchproof?    

A. Yes. Our smartwatches have a scratch and shatter resistant lens with an anti-glare optical coating.

Q. Does it use up my smartphones battery?    

A. Our premium wireless headphones with integrated smartwatch are both wireless Bluetooth™ devices. Yes, it does affect the battery life of your Smart phone, usually using up an extra 5-10% per day.

Q. How do I charge the smartwatch?    

A.  We include (in-the-box) x1 connection-pin cable for the smartwatch.

Q. How long does it take to recharge the smartwatch battery?    

A.  Typical charge time is 1 - 2 hours.

Q. Can I replace the watch band?  

A.  Yes. The TA100 smartwatch only models band is replacable. The smartwatch integrated to our TA200, TA220 and TA800 premium headphones + smartwatch sets band is not currently replacable. We will make this product improvement during the next product updates.

Q. Are Tattoo Audio® smartwatches Bluetooth™ enabled?  

A.  Yes. All versions of our smartwatches are Bluetooth™ v4.0.

Q. What kind of functions can the integrated smartwatch provide?  

A. Keeping you intelligently informed, on-the-fly user controls - are directly at your command from the integrated smartwatch.

With Voice, Vibrate and Display - Call record, answer, end, reject, dialing, handling (SMS), SMS or social communications, Music, in-phase Phonebook, call logs and Search features, anti-loss, find my smartphone - and so much more faster than it takes to pull your smartphone out of your pocket or purse!

Q. Can I speak into the integrated smartwatch for user-control-functions?  

A. No. Just like market leaders, we tested and found that the sound quality for such a small speaker is really not that good, (you have to actually hold the smartwatch up to your ear to listen and then hold the smartwatch to your mouth to speak). Our IP approach by integrating a premium over-ear headphone with a smartwatch is a more brilliant way of resolving device audible sound quality issues.

Q. Can I use the premium headphones with integrated smartwatch while my smartphone is charging or in another room?  

A. Yes. Your smartphone can be in another room recharging or just safe in the house, while you're outside washing the car or working in the yard, freely enjoying MUSIC, reading the latest SMS and Social happenings, and even answering or making phone calls!

Q. Do I have to use both the premium headphones and integrated smartwatch both at the same time?  

A. No. You can chose to use both the premium headphones and integrated smartwatch simultaneously or one at a time. It's really up to you. The point of inventing and developing our IP is to give you the advantages of utilizing both devices simultaneously - in keeping up with Youth Markets active lifestyles, trends and social happenings.

Q. Do I have to use the Premium headphones wirelessly?  

A. No. You can chose to use our premium over-ear headphones wirelessly or in-line to a smartphone, tabletPC, digital music player, or other smart-connected-device. It's really up to you.

Q. Do your Premium headphones have control function buttton line-in cable capabilites for Apple (iPhone, iPad, iPod) devices?  

A. Yes. See our products technical specifications section and all product introduction pages for more details.

Q. I love your smartwatch, can I buy the smartwatch only?  

A. Yes. As requested by Tattoo Audio's® Fans, TA-100 smartwatch enables consumers to purchase just our 'sexy' smartwatch. Simply click on TA-100 section and order online.

Q. Does the smartwatch possess voice control functions?  

A. Sorry, but No. All technologies providing voice recognition or speech enabled navigation we tested the accuracy rate was not high enough to be confident in adding this feature with our products or Brand at this time.

We would rather do it right, than have critics complaining our 'Voice Control' accuracy rate is less than 80-percent as global market leaders products have experienced. (Remember, crawl, walk, and then run!)

Q. Does your smartwatch possess integrated sensors for fitness tracker?

A. Yes . We possess Pedometer functions integrated into our smartwatches.

Q. Does your smartwatch possess shutter camera functions?

A. Yes . Our smartwatches possess shutter camera functions when integrated with your smartphone device.

Q. What are the methods of notification for the smartwatch device?

A. Audible, vibrate and full-color backlit touch-sensitive display.

Q. Can the integrated smartwatch to your premium headphones provide push-notifications?

A. Yes. Our integrated smartwatch for all models of over-ear premium wireless headphones provides push-notifications for users, however.

Compatible smartphones and OS : Many Tattoo Audio® smartwatch features require an internet connection via Bluetooth™ tethering. Tattoo Audio® smartwatches requires smartphones utilizing Android 2.3.3 and up, iPhone 4S and up, or iOS 7.2 or newer.

Important :
• Not all smartphone models allow Bluetooth™ tethering.
• Not all versions of the same Operating System allow Bluetooth™ tethering.
• Not all smartphone versions allow Bluetooth™ tethering.
• There are at least 16 different types of the same (model) smartphone sold by region around the world. Not all smartphones even of the (same) model provides actual SMS and Social message. Some provide - Notificaiton Only.
• Not all mobile network operators allow Bluetooth™ tethering.

Note : Tattoo Audio® smartwatch is not a standalone smartphone and therefore needs to connect to smartphones.