Creating a Global Network

Tattoo Audio® develops its innovative game-changing technology products and product-line extensions with a global network of country sole agents, distributors, dealers, importers, wholesalers, and retailers.
Country Sole Agents, Distributors, Dealers, Importers, Wholesalers, and Reailers : We invite experienced organizations to submit a five-year business development plan identifying; a specific country identifying; market size, competition, price-points, vertical niche markets, proposed methods of distribution, channels of distribution, marketing, public relations and events management, press and publicity, licenses, testing and certification requirements, required language(s) for smartwatch GUI, product packing and manuals, import duties, tariffs, and taxes, CSR, sales projections, proposed annual minimum performance guarantee, MPG, and initial MOQ.
Within the appendices please submit a Company profile identifying; prior experience and expertise, number of employees, annual sales, proposed marketing & distribution networks, contacts and connections, other global brands currently/previously Country sole agent and related annual sales achievements, price-points, methods of distribution, product line descriptions, SKU rationalization, SKU strategies, POP display planning, plan-o-gram planning, and annual advertising budget broken down by medium.
An Ideal Group : An ideal group will possess not less than 10-years experience and expertise successfully managing multi-million U.S. dollar business for global brands within the; consumer electronics, music, entertainment, fashion, telecommunications, advertising, e-commerce, or computer parts and accessories industry - with preferential treatment to the (fashion) industry.
For International partnerships, alliances and business development opportunities please contact us at :
Authorized Retailers : Tattoo Audio® is more than happy to work with mass-merchants, medium and smaller-sized brick-and-mortar stores as well as established online retailers and TV shopping networks under our 'Authorized Retailer Programs'. Authorized Retailers are extremely important because they conveniently provide to consumers our 'authentic' products.
Tattoo Audio® offers to 'strategically aligned retailers' - Exclusive Limited Edition colors, designs, and packaging for improved sales efforts.
Tattoo Audio® also provides 'Country Exclusive' rights to large established retailers for vertical niche markets, (e.g. mobile carriers, electronics or office supply mass-merchants, wholesale mass-merchants, premium specialty retailers, electronics mail order, TV shopping networks, and more).
For Authorized Retailer opportunities please contact us at :