Our Ideation


Intellectual Property (IP) creation and management – is the central part of the our ‘Corporate Value Creation'.
Intellectual property is 'the' central driving force behind almost every technology product or industry from smartphone's to single-serve coffee machines.
Tattoo Audio's® intellectual property portfolio supports an extensive (breadth and depth) six-year product development master plan within the following 'classifications';
- premium over-ear headphones;
- premium on-ear headphones;
- smart watches;
- premium ear-buds;
- portable wireless speakers; and
- speaker docking stations.
Tattoo Audio's intellectual property (IP) portfolio will equally be extended into other 'classifications' where new opportunities are imagined, invented and tied-down - creating yet another multi-billion dollar vertical niche market for increasing Earnings stories and CAGR initiatives.
We believe with innovative IP creation, management, and utilization we will play a significant role in growing the premium headphone market to $8 billion by 2020.
We also believe a solid portion of the 2014 $14 billion wearable technology market and projected $70 billion by 2024 will come from integration of multiple types of technology products.