Safe Buying Guide

Because Tattoo Audio® Products are in such high demand all over the world, this unfortunately attracts (copy-cats) seeking to make a quick buck by (stealing) the Intellectual Property rights we have heavily invested developing our products and product-line extensions with.

This is a 'Criminal Offense' and our team of solicitors around the world shall prosecute any company, business entity, or person seeking to steal Earnings and Revenues we have diligently worked hard seeking to retain for our business to fund future growth and expansion of the business at a global level.


- If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Genuine Tattoo Audio® products are made with premium materials and are designed to deliver the highest quality listening experience.

- If a web site is offering low pricing if you buy more than one pair, they're not an authorized Tattoo Audio® sole agent, distributor, dealer, importer or wholesaler.

- Check our web site to see if they are listed as Authorized Sellers, Sole Agents, Distributors, Dealers, Wholesalers, Importers or Authorized Retailers. If they are not listed, more than likely they are not selling authentic Tattoo Audio® products.

- Make sure the shrink-wrap on the exterior is tight and professional. Auction sites offering products with no box or manual, no warranty or documentation, are counterfeit. If you purchase a Tattoo Audio® product with unprofessional packaging, they're definitely a fake.

- Any cheap, faded or damaged packaging, weird labeling, strange markings or especially misspelled English words (common to copy-cat fakes) are all sure signs of counterfeits.


If you're suspicious that the Tattoo Audio® product you just purchased is not ‘a genuine product', there are steps you can take to get help.

- Contact the seller and try to return the copy product for a full refund. (Don't give any more personal info to the seller, though.)

- Call your credit card company and ask for an immediate “charge back” or “reversal of charges.”

- If you bought it through a platform or payment service like eBay or Paypal, report the counterfeit seller to them.

- Monitor your credit card for suspicious activity in the future. Many of these copy-cat web sites are phishing sites looking to steal personal information and steal more than the money you paid for the copy-cat product.

- In the U.S. you can report counterfeit product to the FBI using their Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) reporting form.

- If the headphones were shipped via U.S. Mail, you can also report the seller/ sender to the U.S. Postal Inspectors, using their reporting tool.

'Thank you' - for always purchasing 'Original and Authentic' Tattoo Audio® products!

We will do our utmost to serve our customers to the best of our abilities.