Social Responsibility


Integrating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) : The prevailing attitude at Tattoo Audio® is to define the way we approach our relationships with stakeholders (customers, partners, suppliers, shareholders, communities and others) and how we plan to conduct our business. Our inspiration also emanates from Tattoo Audio's® Guiding Principles, which combine our commitment to social responsibility with our drive to create shareholder value.
The Business Case : Tattoo Audio® defines CSR as conducting business in ways that produce social, environmental and economic benefits for the communities in which we operate. We believe our strong commitment to CSR benefits both Tattoo Audio® and its stakeholders, including shareholders. A few of the tangible benefits are:
Attracting and retaining our partners We believe our commitment to CSR leads to higher than usual levels of satisfaction and engagement among our partners.
Customer loyalty Studies have revealed that customers prefer to do business with a company they believe to be socially responsible, when their other key buying criteria are met. We believe customer loyalty will become a driving force behind our phenomenal growth and long term success.
Reducing Environmental Impact Many environmental measures, such as energy-efficient equipment such as computer systems, servers, liquid crystal displays, LCDs, organic light-omitting diode, OLEDs, and others, involve initial investments but deliver long-term environmental and cost-saving benefits.
Strengthening our supply chain To have a sustainable business, we need a reliable and responsible supplier base that can keep pace with our growth. We invest in measures to ensure our suppliers have the opportunity to do so.
Corporate Ethics : Upholding our strong ethical corporate culture is paramount to Tattoo Audio's® success. Tattoo Audio® Business Conduct and Corporate Compliance program is envisioned to provide our partners with ethical business conduct guidelines, which are published in the Standards of Business Conduct. The Standards are envisioned to emphasize the company’s expectations for conducting business in a manner that is consistent with our Mission Statement and Guiding Principles and in compliance with laws and government regulations. Some topics in the Standards of Business Conduct include:
- Compliance with Laws and Regulations
- Conflicts of Interest
- Gifts and Entertainment
- Antitrust and Fair Competition
Managing CSR : Upon implementing commercialization phase, the day-to-day management of Tattoo Audio's® corporate social responsibility initiatives are envisioned to be handled by the senior vice president of CSR. Some CSR-related programs and initiatives may be managed and implemented at the business unit, division or department level. We do not envision there being a committee of the Tattoo Audio's® board dedicated to CSR, although issues related to CSR would periodically be presented and discussed at the board level.
Environmental Responsibility and Leadership : Tattoo Audio® envisions it commitment to contribute positively to the environment is a Guiding Principle of our company. We envision continually evolving our definition of what environmental responsibility means within the context of our business. At present the world faces some critical environmental issues, including the implications of climate change. For these reasons, we envision utilization of broadening our vision and approach to environmental responsibility while continuing improving shareholder value. Some of the topics we envision addressing include:
- Tattoo Audio® strategy for addressing climate change
- Recycling and waste reduction measures
- Sustainable system design and construction
- Environmental improvements to our disposable devices
- Measuring our environmental performance
Environmental Mission Statement : Tattoo Audio® will be committed to a role of environmental leadership in all facets of our business. We will fulfill this mission by a commitment to:
- Understanding environmental issues and sharing information with our partners (employees)
- Developing innovative and flexible solutions to bring about change
- Striving to buy, sell and use environmentally friendly products
- Recognizing that fiscal responsibility is essential to our environmental future
- Instilling environmental responsibility as a corporate value
- Measuring and monitoring our progress for each project
- Encouraging all partners to share in our mission
Understanding Environmental Issues and Sharing Information with Our Partners : Tattoo Audio's® core business will be within the security and information technology fields, products and services with highest demand generation around the globe. Working closely with airports, and typically other government agencies, to better understand the risks and implications that affect such environments may have on our business, as well as identify how we can optimize others contributions to climate change.
Understanding Climate Change : According to the World Resources Institute, “Changes in the composition of the earth’s atmosphere have increased the average global surface temperature by one degree Fahrenheit (0.6 degrees Celsius) over the past 100 years.” The warming trend is linked to the increase in emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases (GHG), the result of burning fossil fuels, specifically petroleum, coal and natural gas, which are energy sources used for transportation, heating and electricity. We believe that meaningful action must be taken to reduce GHG emissions. The risks associated with climate change include rising sea levels, changes in precipitation patterns, droughts and floods, loss of biodiversity, and potential public health issues. To learn more about climate change, visit the web site of World Resources Institute –
Renewable Energy : Because the energy used to operate our systems would contribute the largest portion of our total GHG emissions, we believe investing in renewable energy is our most effective means to offset our emissions. An energy resource is considered renewable if it can be naturally replenished. The Company can design, manufacture and utilize products that would meet Green energy ‘0’ emissions certified business.
Advocating Through Collaboration : Tattoo Audio® believes that the global challenge of climate change can best be addressed through a unified and collaborative approach. Collaboration with several organizations can help us achieve these objectives. For instance, Tattoo Audio®:
- Join World Resources Institute’s Green Power Market Development Group to increase our purchases of renewable energy certificates and to learn from other companies.
- Join The Climate Group, an international organization dedicated to advancing business and government leadership on climate change. Participate in a business panel on climate change at the United Nations annual World Environment Day.
Sustainable System Design : The Company will work with the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) to develop LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards and a scoring system specifically for our systems deployed into airports and other environments. Our vision is that a scoring system can be used to LEED-certify a prototype system, and that a “volume-build” criteria can be developed. This will allow us to build future systems consistent with the prototype module and the LEED criteria.
Product Responsibility : Tattoo Audio® possesses various businesses globally that provides products and services that meet customer requirements in terms of satisfaction, reliability and trust.
With Our Products & Service - Providing Products and Services that Meet Customer Requirements in Terms of Satisfaction, Reliability and Trust : Tattoo Audio's® global businesses encompasses a variety of fields. While we envision Tattoo Audio® to enjoy a strong brand image with our diverse businesses, Tattoo Audio's® reputation for technological excellence in products, hailed to be the world's "first", "easiest" or "most user friendly", will be founded on the provision of satisfaction, reliability and trust of our customers. Tattoo Audio's® envisioned high market share, cultivated by offering customer-oriented, high-quality products and services, will come with a strong responsibility. We will face this obligation squarely and work continuously to enhance quality under the leadership of the Corporate Executive in Charge of Product Quality and Safety.
Tattoo Audio's® Pledge of Quality : Tattoo Audio® gives top priority to providing customer-oriented, high-quality products and services. Tattoo Audio's® Code of Conduct is envisioned to be adopted that directs IIIP personnel to constantly seek ways to comply with or exceed legally mandated standards in all aspects of our business activities to help ensure the safety of customers who use our products and/or services. The result is the Tattoo Audio's® Pledge of Quality which lays out Tattoo Audio's® basic policy on product and service quality in the electronics and security business. Creating a robust quality framework, our aim is to build a "quality culture," in which all employees have a strong focus on quality.
To an individual customer, a problem with the quality of a single product or service may equate to a 100% defect ratio. Therefore, to lower the defect ratio wherever possible, it is important to address quality-related issues by adopting a customer-viewpoint. As a means to further reduce defects, we envision establishing our defects monitoring and analysis period for new models beyond one year after launch.
Responsibilities in the Digital Age : Tattoo Audio® envisions attaining great strides year over year for new product development and deployment. Expansion of Tattoo Audio's® operational scope is envisioned to be matched by dramatic changes in our business environment, including the digitization and modularization of technology used in its products. These changes are envisioned to result in the horizontal division of contract manufacturing, vendor and supplier relationships, making it much easier for new entrants to make a similar product if parts are available. Product life cycles are becoming shorter, and product introduction cycles are also contracting amid intense competition among manufacturers. At the same time, the increasing amount of software in products has changed both how products are made and the nature of quality issues faced by manufacturers.
In addition, customers increasingly base their purchasing decisions not only on function and price, but also on their evaluation of a company's approach to materials procurement and to product manufacturing. It is therefore increasingly important for companies to ensure that they and their authorized vendors and suppliers are acting in an appropriate and transparent manner. In the face of such changes, Tattoo Audio® is envisioned to pursue various initiatives to fulfill our role as an industry leader in addition to our traditional quality assurance and supply chain initiatives.
Quality Partnerships with Subcontractors : The growing use of subcontracting in the areas of design and production, as well as the procurement of high-value added parts, will inevitably lead to the emergence of a further issue- variations in sales and quality agreements into which Tattoo Audio's® business groups enter with subcontractors. Consequently, we envision working to ensure "Tattoo Audio® Quality" by introducing common criteria for subcontractor agreements across the electronics group. Quality improvement of subcontractors will become vital, when no major manufacturer can produce goods without contributions from subcontractors. It will become important for Tattoo Audio® to work with subcontractors as business partners and to develop strong relationships based on trust.
Global Supply Chain Management Initiatives : To help ensure our supply chain is environmentally friendly, we have focused actively on restricting use of harmful chemical substances in parts procured and in our products. Our global activities are envisioned to be consistent with the European Union's RoHS Directive, which restricts specified chemical substances in products, where products containing specified chemical substances are required to carry the J-Moss Green mark. We also envision establishing the Green Partner Environmental Quality Approval Program for Tattoo Audio® suppliers. Tattoo Audio® will maintain a common global quality standard for parts by purchasing electronic parts only from suppliers who have passed an audit and have been certified as Green Partners. Tattoo Audio® will also establish a Supplier Code of Conduct. Based on the premise that our suppliers are engaged in the manufacture of Tattoo Audio® products, the code reflects the need for suppliers to address such issues and thus comply with Tattoo Audio's® standards.
Providing High-Quality Products and Services : Tattoo Audio® is wholeheartedly committed to improving product and service quality from the customer's viewpoint with the aim of maintaining and enhancing customers' trust, confidence and satisfaction. This reflects Tattoo Audio's® belief that our most important goal is to remain a highly trusted partner for our customers.
Philosophy : Tattoo Audio® will always listen to its customers’ desires and is committed to meeting and exceeding their expectations. We will strive to deliver “High-quality, reliable products that our customers use with confidence” and world-class customer service with personal touch.
Supplier Code of Conduct : The Tattoo Audio® Supplier Code of Conduct is based on the electronic industry's global code of conduct. Tattoo Audio® will inform all suppliers for our electronics businesses about our supplier code of conduct. As part of our effort to assess supplier compliance, we will introduce a supplier self-assessment program.
The primary objective is for these companies to develop their organizational infrastructures, including the establishment of a Labor and Ethics Management System. We will continue to work with suppliers who continually improve upon these activities.
Supplier Code of Conduct : It is envisioned that Tattoo Audio® will establish a Supplier Code of Conduct which is based on the EICC code of conduct, to ensure that suppliers understand Tattoo Audio's® expectations in more detail:
Legal Compliance
- Freely chosen employment
- Prohibition of child labor
- Elimination of discrimination
- Prohibition of harsh or inhumane treatment
- Guarantee of minimum wage
- Compliance with laws regarding working hours
- Respect for the right of employees to associate freely
Health and Safety
- Machine safeguarding
- Industrial hygiene
- Safety
- Emergency preparedness and response
- Occupational injury and illness
- Control of employee exposure to physically demanding work
- Maintenance of dormitory and canteen facilities
- Product content restrictions
- Chemical and hazardous materials
- Wastewater and solid waste
- Air emissions
- Environmental permits and reporting
- Pollution prevention and resource reduction
Management System
- Company commitment
- Management accountability and responsibility
- Legal and customer requirements
- Risk assessment and risk management
- Performance objectives with implementation plans and measures
- Training
- Communication
- Worker feedback and communication
- Audits and assessments
- Corrective action process
- Documentation and records
- No corruption, extortion and embezzlement
- Disclosure of information
- No improper advantage
- Fair business, advertising and competition
- Programs to ensure the protection of whistle blowers
- Community engagement
- Protection of Intellectual Property
Product Quality and Quality Management : Tattoo Audio's® activities, is envisioned to center on improving product quality and reinforcing quality management activities and reflect our commitment to quality.
Quality Management Control System Organizational Structure : On a continuing basis, it is envisioned that Tattoo Audio® will introduce new product quality improvement measures into all processes, from development, planning, design and manufacturing to sales and service activities.
Responding to the Customer : Tattoo Audio® will make active use of customer feedback to improve products. Complaints, suggestions, ideas and reports of malfunctions received from customers at the Customer Information Center will be promptly and accurately evaluated and disseminated to the planning and design groups so that improvements in product quality can be made in a timely fashion.
Safety Initiatives : As another part of the effort to improve the safety of our products, it is envisioned that Tattoo Audio® will establish an in-house product safety assurance capability for examining product safety from a medical perspective, to help ensure products have no adverse effects on human health. The results of these efforts, as well as advice from experts outside the company, are then envisioned to be incorporated into product development with new technology, design and engineering processes.
Repair and Service Network : To ensure prompt responses to consumers needs, a warranty, service and repair network will need to be planned for each respective Country products are sold. Defective units will need to be returned for testing, and if found defective, repaired or replaced in the most effective and cost efficient manner.
Usability : Products today are increasingly complex and multifunctional. "Usability" is an essential aspect of product quality, and Tattoo Audio® will establish steps aimed at making it easier for people to use our products and services.
Verification through Usability Assessment : Tattoo Audio® is envisioned to conduct product development from the perspective of the user. To verify the user-friendliness of prototypes at each stage of the development process, Tattoo Audio® is envisioned to conduct usability assessments, inviting actual customers or consultants to test-use products, ascertaining their views and ensuring results are reflected in the final product. Issues identified through this process may also lead to the improvement of other products.
Employees : All workplaces around the world share common policies and visions while respecting the diverse cultures and practices of the countries and regions in which they operate.
Global Personnel Strategies Benefiting a Global Corporation : Tattoo Audio® will be faced with the challenge of mastering new fields that transcend existing frameworks. We intend to build a global organization spanning all continents of the world. As such, Tattoo Audio's® strategies for the recruitment, professional development and career planning of our employees must be designed to attract and retain excellent personnel globally to continue to succeed in providing customers with dream-inspiring products, services and new lifestyles. In the intensely competitive global environment, it is important that our recruitment and personnel activities reflect global best practices, and that we employ high-caliber personnel best suited to the job, irrespective of region, race or gender. Employees of Tattoo Audio's® envisioned diverse companies around the world will be critical to the future of the Company. As a further step to create a truly global organization, our human resources department is envisioned to establish a Group-wide structure and to promote infrastructure, rules and policies for employees to be active and successful globally.
Employee-Management Communications : Tattoo Audio® will value communication between management and employees, which is essential in conveying management policies to employees and encouraging employees to voice their opinions.
Employee-Management Relations : In line with its Mid-Term Corporate Strategy, Tattoo Audio® envisions to pursue structuring and growth initiatives with the aim of improvement of competitive capability and enhancing our management system. By informing employees about the intent and necessity of these initiatives, management sought employee understanding of our actions and encouraged the sharing of information. As an example, Tattoo Audio's® businesses and operations within Europe would act in accordance with European labor laws, European Information and Consultation Committee (EICC), which provides a forum for the sharing of information between management of Tattoo Audio® Europe and representative employees from Tattoo Audio® Group of companies in the EU, as well as for management to hear employees' opinions directly and engage in debate.
Communication with Top Management : Tattoo Audio® envisions attaching great importance to communications between top management and individual employees. Meetings will enable senior management to communicate Tattoo Audio's® strategies and other key messages and hear directly from the front lines, as well as to exchange opinions with employees on a variety of themes, including technology and day-to-day management practices.
Human Rights and Equal Opportunities : Tattoo Audio® will strive to create dynamic workplaces where human rights are respected and equal employment opportunities allow individuals to make the most of their capabilities. At a time of growing diversity of human rights issues and initiatives in corporations, Tattoo Audio® believes it will be important that all employees are aware of the each issue they may face.
Human Rights Provisions : Tattoo Audio's® Code of Conduct is envisioned to establish general principles that underline the human rights-related rules and activities throughout the Group. These provisions are based on existing international standards such as the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Tattoo Audio® is envisioned to also request that suppliers comply with the “Tattoo Audio® Supplier Code of Conduct," which promotes both compliance with local laws and adherence to more general principles of business ethics, including the prohibition of forced and child labor. In line with our fundamental commitment to providing equal employment opportunities, Tattoo Audio's® global policy is envisioned to recruit, hire, train, promote and otherwise treat applicants and employees without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, age, gender, disability or other factors that are unrelated to Tattoo Audio's® legitimate business interests.
Personnel Development : Tattoo Audio® intends to strive to enhance motivation and encourage personal growth through on-the-job learning, as well as access to a variety of programs tailored to different regional needs, including education for next-generation business leaders, management skill improvement training, and training aimed at enhancing the abilities and skills of individual employees.
Evaluation and Compensation Systems : Tattoo Audio® intends to establish evaluation and compensation systems with a forward-looking perspective. Through the introduction of a system in which work contributions are reflected in compensation, Tattoo Audio® intends to build a framework that encourages individual employees to engage in new challenges. This is based on the concept of Contribution = Compensation (C = C). In addition, Tattoo Audio® intends to establish periodic employee performance reviews by managers and, through open and frank discussions, is implementing a reward system that fairly evaluates the contributions of employees.
Employee Training Programs : Tattoo Audio® envisions establishment of various training programs for employees of all levels, from entry level to senior executives, suitable to each region and business. These training programs, such as technological training and business training, will utilize various approaches, including group training sessions, e-learning and correspondence courses, depending on objectives.
Occupational Health & Safety : Tattoo Audio® envisions to strive in adopting sound labor and employment practices and to maintain a healthy, safe and productive work environment.
Risk Assessment : Tattoo Audio® envisions conducting risk assessments to ascertain types and degrees of risks and implement appropriate risk prevention and management measures to eliminate or mitigate risk. By using risk identification check sheets, Tattoo Audio® will strive to identify risks associated with major business and security issues. These measures enable Tattoo Audio® to identify potential risks and encourage individual sites to take ongoing steps, in accordance with management systems, to eliminate, reduce or manage such risks.
Promoting the Creation of Business Continuity Plans : Based on risk assessments like those described above, Tattoo Audio® envisions promoting the design and implementation of business continuity plans, (BCPs), for all of its businesses, with the aim to mitigate predictable risks and ensure the prompt restoration of operations in the event of a disaster.
Living in Harmony with Local Communities Is Key to IIIP's "Global Localization" : When a company engages in business activities in a community, it becomes an active member of that community through the creation of employment and the provision of products and services. Tattoo Audio's® philosophy of global localization is to think globally, but act locally, advocating engagement with the local community as much as possible, including employing local managers, while holding shared global principles. This philosophy is important not only for business, but also for promoting a positive relationship with members of the local community. Tattoo Audio® envisions creation of a global, in-house volunteer program designed to enhance community relationships. Under such envisioned programs, Tattoo Audio® Group companies would seek to organize volunteer programs tailored to local needs and encourage employee participation. These envisioned programs would provide employees with a sense of satisfaction from contributing to their local communities. In instituting such programs, Tattoo Audio® envisions striving to encourage participation by allowing employees appropriate time off to engage in such envisioned volunteer efforts. Funds donated by Tattoo Audio® Group programs are envisioned to be distributed to a variety of both local community projects along with global causes and efforts.
Acting as a Global Company, IIIP Contributes to Help Create a Sustainable Society : Given the rapid changes and serious challenges facing the world in this century, we envision examining what kind of contributions Tattoo Audio® can make and how we should address global issues going forward. We envision reviewing the direction of our social contribution activities through the provision of science education, the nurturing of creativity and other activities. In today’s’ increasingly globalized and mutually dependent world economy, Tattoo Audio's® corporate responsibility must not be limited by geography. It is also important to help address environmental issues, poverty, the provision of primary education and other issues highlighted in the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals.
Joining Consumers to Create a Sustainable Society through Innovation : Tattoo Audio® believes that by working in partnership with others, we can accomplish so much more as we strive to address global issues. We envision participation by consumers in recycling disposable our new innovations and products in an environmentally friendly way.
Participation in CSR-Related Organizations and Projects : Tattoo Audio® envisions undertaking a wide range of activities with the aim of promoting CSR initiatives overall. One example is participation in ISO standards, and also to become a member of worldwide CSR organizations, including the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), Business For Social Responsibility (BSR), CSR Europe, and the Council for Better Corporate Citizenship (CBCC).
Sustainable Design Initiatives : Tattoo Audio® envisions its product planning and design process to focus on usability from a user's perspective. Building on this approach of universal design and combining it with eco-design principle, to design product models that also take sustainability into account. We believe that Tattoo Audio® can help shape a new future from the novel ways in which consumers interact with our products and services. Tattoo Audio® believes it is increasingly important to engage in activities that address global issues. In conjunction with educational programs to raise employee awareness, Tattoo Audio® envisions to continue contributing to the creation of a sustainable society.
Social Contribution Activities : Tattoo Audio® envisions undertaking a wide variety of social contribution activities to help address the needs of communities in regions around the world where Tattoo Audio® conducts business. Tattoo Audio® envisions striving to have a positive impact through these activities by making effective use of our resources, namely, our technologies, products, business activities and personnel.
Climate Change : Promoting Global Activities throughout the Product Life Cycle : Tattoo Audio® envisioned business activities will generate three categories of greenhouse gas emissions. There are "site" emissions at the time of manufacture at our authorized suppliers and vendors production sites as well as at offices, "logistics" emissions from product transportation, and "product in use" emissions whenever a consumer or authorized party uses an Tattoo Audio® product. While Tattoo Audio® envisions taking initiatives to cut all three, we are in a position to reduce "site" emissions and envision sourcing, seeking and working with authorized suppliers and product vendors on cutting absolute greenhouse emissions during use.
Energy Saving Design : Reducing "Product in Use" CO2 Emissions : Some of Tattoo Audio's® products in the future, albeit indirectly, may emit CO2 through electricity when customers use them. In the course of a product's life cycle-manufacturing, transportation, and usage-the largest amount of CO2 is emitted from product use. While it is impossible to accurately predict or completely control the above amount since consumption is affected by the circumstances under which the product is used, we envision committing to "reducing CO2 emissions from product use by lowering the annual energy consumption of our products." In order to reduce the environmental impact of our products, Tattoo Audio® envisions employing technical capabilities and know-how in the design of energy-efficient products.
Reducing Power Consumption of Products : Tattoo Audio® envisions working with authorized suppliers and vendors who can provide us with our product specifications and needs while simultaneously providing product design configurations, such as LCD, LED, and OLED displays with the greatest energy efficiency, the energy reduction standard achievement rate objectives by EEC and other global country Laws Concerning the Rational Use of Energy, and products that have earned a five-star rating under this energy reduction achievement rating system. By raising the light-emitting efficiency of supplier backlight systems, a substantial reduction of annual energy consumption can be achieved.
Resource Conservation Initiatives for Effective Use of Limited Resources : Tattoo Audio® envisions reducing the amount of energy resources we require to carry out our business activities, and also to recycle resources so that they can be reused. Preventing pollution and ensuring the recovery of rare metals are also important issues. We envision seeking to reduce product reuse/recycling ratio, the ratio of resource recovery from end-of-life products to total weight of products, accessories, instruction manuals and packaging materials shipped that year. We also aim to promote the use of recycled materials in our own products. Tattoo Audio® envisions collecting and recycling end-of-life products in accordance with recycling laws and regulations around the world, including the EU Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (the WEEE Directive) and European Recycling Platform (ERP) in Europe, and each respective U.S. state’s Electronic Waste Recycling Act, as well as other U.S. state-enacted recycling laws.
Group Environmental Vision : Tattoo Audio's® Environmental Vision presents a vision and basic approaches for environmental management activities throughout the global Tattoo Audio® network with the aim of creating a sustainable society.
Vision : Tattoo Audio® recognizes the importance of preserving the natural environment that sustains life on earth for future generations and helps humanity to attain the dream of a healthy and happy life. Tattoo Audio® is committed to achieving this goal by seeking to combine ongoing innovation in environmental technology with environmentally sound business practices. Tattoo Audio® further envisions greater eco-efficiency in its business activities through maximizing the efficiency of energy and resource use and providing products and services with greater added value. Envisioned efforts are to focus on reducing harmful effects on the environment by ensuring compliance with all applicable environmental regulations and reducing the environmental impact of energy and resource use on a continuing basis.
Basic Approach to Creating a Sustainable Society
Approaches to Environmental Issues : Tattoo Audio® recognizes how closely linked its business activities are to environmental issues, on the global as well as regional levels and is committed to applying the following strategic approaches to the four key environmental issues outlined below.
- Global Warming: Tattoo Audio® is committed to reducing energy consumption and emissions of greenhouse gases(*) generated by business activities throughout the life cycle of Tattoo Audio® products and services.
* Gases that raise the temperature of the earth's surface by absorbing infrared radiation from reflected sunlight. Six typical examples are carbon dioxide (CO2), methane, nitrous oxides, hydrofluorocarbons (HFC), perfluorocarbons (PFC), and sulfur hexafluoride (SF6).
- Natural Resources: Tattoo Audio® envisions seeking improved resource productivity in its authorized suppliers and vendors manufacturing processes. Efforts should include reducing the volume of materials and water consumed and recycling and reusing these resources and other resources wherever possible.
Approach to Business Activities
Tattoo Audio® is committed to a program of continuous improvement of global environmental management systems throughout its entire business cycle. The cycle begins with the initial planning for new business activities and continues through the product and service development, marketing, product use, after-sales services, disposal and recycling phases.
- Compliance with Regulations : Tattoo Audio® envisions striving to comply with applicable environmental regulations in all aspects of its business activities, while setting even higher targets on a voluntary basis as appropriate.
 - Corporate Citizenship : As a model corporate citizen, Tattoo Audio® accepts that it has a lasting responsibility for the earth's environment and to society as a whole. The corporation recognizes the importance of regional and global corporate issues and is committed to a program of active participation in social activities in regional communities.
- Disclosure of Information and Corporate Communication : Tattoo Audio® envisions being committed to disclosing environmental information to stakeholders promptly, accurately and on a continuing basis and conducting environmental activities in a way that is responsive to views on environmental issues expressed both within and without the company.
- Education : Tattoo Audio® envisions striving to raise employee awareness of environmental issues in both company work and life in the community through a continuing program of employee environmental education. The aim would be to encourage employees to translate environmental awareness into action and results.
- Business Planning : Tattoo Audio's® approach is envisioned to give full consideration to environmental issues from the initial conception and planning stages for all new business activities as a way to develop innovative new business models effective in reducing environmental impact.
- Research and Development : Tattoo Audio® envisions developing new and original technologies that will contribute to environmental preservation, while introducing innovative new technologies that will effectively improve the eco-efficiency factor of Tattoo Audio's® business activities, products and services.
- Planning and Design for Products and Services : In line with the "cradle-to-cradle" design principle, Tattoo Audio® envisions being committed to planning and designing products and services that offer longer product life and are easier to recycle.
- Parts and Materials Procurement : Tattoo Audio® envisions employing a program of "green procurement" in cooperation with its business partners and suppliers that help reduce the environmental impact of its products and services.
- Site Management : Tattoo Audio® envisions employing a program of environmental management systems and technology designed to reduce the environmental impact generated by authorized supplies and vendors and a system of risk management designed to prevent environmental contamination and reduce accidents to zero.
- Distribution, Sales, Marketing and After-Sales Service : Tattoo Audio® envisions working to minimize the environmental impact generated by distribution, sales and after-sales activities related to products and services, while providing customers with key environment-related information and incorporating any useful feedback.
- Post-Use Resource Management : Tattoo Audio® envisions actively engaging in building recycling systems for collecting and reusing post-use (end-of-life) products geared to local needs in cooperation with business partners and regional communities.
Using Recycled Plastics in Products : Tattoo Audio® envisions minimizing consumption of the earth's exhaustible resources by making concerted efforts to use recycled plastics in its products.
Promoting Environmentally Conscious Packaging : The purpose of packaging is to protect a product from the time it leaves the factory until it arrives in the hands of the customer. Having fulfilled its function, however, it is generally disposed of at this point. Tattoo Audio® protects the products by not only using the minimum amount of materials but also using easily recyclable materials and materials for which well-ordered recycling systems exists worldwide, as well as recycled materials. Moreover, to make it easy for customers to separate packaging materials for recycling, Tattoo Audio® envisions adopting packaging that is easy-to-separate and clearly marked.
In addition, Tattoo Audio® envisions taking precautions to increase the safety of its packaging materials and ensure that hazardous substances, including heavy metals, are not mixed into packaging materials by managing materials in line with its proprietary "Management Regulations for Environment-related Substances to be Controlled which are included in Parts and Materials" and packaging section based on EU directives, among others, on packaging and packaging waste. Tattoo Audio® equally envisions to actively making use of inks that comply with "Voluntary Regulation Concerning Printing Inks (Negative List Regulations)", as well as inks that do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) (less than 1% use of VOCs).
Tattoo Audio® envisions packaging-related activities will not be limited to conserving resources and reducing packaging materials, but extend to efforts aimed at minimizing the incineration and land filling of packaging as final disposal. To this end, Tattoo Audio® envisions adopting comprehensive measures, including the development of new technologies and attention to recycling and the safety of materials used in packaging.
Management of Chemical Substances in Products : Globally Consistent Management of Chemical Substances Some of Tattoo Audio's® parts, components and final products may be made of a variety of chemical substances, some of which may be classified as hazardous and may harm the environment if they are not properly controlled prior to product disposal. To prevent such environmental harm, some countries and regions have introduced laws and directives-such as the European Union's Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS) Directive which restricts certain chemical substances in products.
In light of the global nature of its markets and supply chains, Tattoo Audio® observes certain standards, such as the RoHS Directive and the Management Methods on the Pollution Control of Electronic Information Products on a worldwide basis. Tattoo Audio® will to its utmost for meeting these established global standards for management of chemical substances.
In line with these standards, Tattoo Audio® envisions ensuring globally consistent management of chemical substances in parts and materials supplied by its authorized supplies and vendors. Tattoo Audio® envisions taking the necessary steps to comply with the European Union's new REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) regulation.
Product Recycling : Tattoo Audio® respects the principles of Extended Producer Responsibility, promoting the collection and recycling of end-of-life products as well as recycle conscious design.
Recycling Philosophy : To seek authorized suppliers and vendors who use limited resources effectively and respect the principle of extended producer responsibility. These business entities should be seeking to promote the collection and recycling of end-of-life products and the design of products suitable for recycling. These entities should be committed to the development and efficient operation of new recycling systems harmonized to the social needs of different regions and countries.
Tattoo Audio® envisions these authorized suppliers and vendors to continually improve the resource productivity of its business processes in order to ensure that the resources are used effectively. They should also understand the importance of recovering and reusing the resources of end-of-life products. As a manufacturer, they should recognize its social responsibility for ensuring the appropriate disposal and treatment of end-of-life products. They should be promoting the collection and recycling of end-of-life products, complying with the legislative requirements of each country as well as region worldwide.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Innovation : Tattoo Audio® envisions addressing the challenges of realizing new potential through creative technologies, products and services and a spirit of innovation that focuses on contributing to society. The challenge is achieved under the partnership with diverse stakeholders.
Technology : To harnesses new technologies to contribute to the realization of sustainable lifestyles and address key issues of importance to society.
Marketing : Offer programs that enable consumers to make their own contribution toward solving environmental problems.
Partnership : Work in partnership with various stakeholders is vital for pursuing CSR activities.
Design : Pursue a variety of design-based initiatives that help solve problems faced by society and take user diversity into consideration.
Usability : Adhering to the concept of "user-centered design", conduct product development from the perspective of the user. To verify the user-friendliness of prototypes at each stage of the development process, conduct usability assessments, invite actual customers to test-user products, ascertaining their views and ensuring results are reflected in the final product. Through such diverse initiatives, Tattoo Audio® aims to provide people with user-friendly products and services for generations to come.