What We Do


In accordance with Tattoo Audio's® guiding principles, 'we create game-changing technologies, products and product-line extensions' supported by a solid portfolio of Intellectual Property, (IP) that;
- delivers next-generation lifestyle trends and emerging technologies;
- provides a competitive advantage within the global marketplace;
- blocks competitors from directly competing against new IP platforms;
- protects these new high-margin high-growth business segments;
- delivers (breadth and depth) product offerings to both consumer and corporate markets;
- delivers multiple product-line extensions for improving earnings and revenue stories, and
- creates new multi-billion dollar vertical market segments within a specified product category and industry at a global level.
Today, any organization within any industry or vertical niche market segment is not immune from having to compete against others globally and at unprecedented levels.
Significant Earnings and CAGR Stories - It has been well documented 'significant' Earnings and CAGR stories predominately come from 'ideation' and creation of intellectual property (IP) providing a ‘competitive advantage' within the global marketplace and thus preserving development of a 'high-growth' - 'high-margin' business model for that particular business entity. As such, the same holds true within any product category or industry.
Creating A Competitive Advantage - As markets mature within the global market, introductions of next-generation technologies for creating new vertical niche market segments through the creation of intellectual property, IP, that provides a competitive advantage by one organization over its competitors in the marketplace then becomes the central driving force for providing high-growth Earnings, Revenues, EPS, and CAGR stories while protecting and preserving this new ‘high-margin' business and growing shareholder value.