Who We Are


Philosophy - At Tattoo Audio® we will always listen to our customers' desires and are committed to meeting and exceeding their expectations. We will strive to deliver high-quality, reliable products that our customers use with confidence and world-class customer service with personal touch.
Approaches to Business Activities : Tattoo Audio® is committed to a program of continuous improvement of global environmental management systems throughout its entire business cycle. The cycle begins with the initial planning for new business activities and continues through the product and service development, marketing, product use, after-sales services, disposal and recycling phases.
Compliance with Regulations : We strive to comply with applicable environmental regulations in all aspects of its business activities, while setting even higher targets on a voluntary basis as appropriate.
Corporate Citizenship : As a model corporate citizen, Tattoo Audio® accepts that it has a lasting responsibility for the earth's environment and to society as a whole.We recognize the importance of regional and global corporate issues and is committed to a program of active participation in social activities in regional communities.
Disclosure of Information and Corporate Communication : We are committed to disclosing environmental information to stakeholders promptly, accurately and on a continuing basis and conducting environmental activities in a way that is responsive to views on environmental issues expressed both within and without the company.
Education : We strive to raise employee awareness of environmental issues in both company work and life in the community through a continuing program of employee environmental education. The aim would be to encourage employees to translate environmental awareness into action and results.
Business Planning : Our approach is to give full consideration to environmental issues from the initial conception and planning stages for all new business activities as a way to develop innovative new business models effective in reducing environmental impact.
Research and Development : Tattoo Audio® develops new and original technologies that will contribute to environmental preservation, while introducing innovative new technologies that will effectively improve the eco-efficiency factor of our business activities, products and services.
Planning and Design for Products and Services : In line with the "cradle-to-cradle" design principle, Tattoo Audio® is committed to planning and designing products and services that offer longer product life and are easier to recycle.
Parts and Materials Procurement : Tattoo Audio® employeesa program of "green procurement" in cooperation with its business partners and suppliers that help reduce the environmental impact of its products and services.
Manufacturing Management : Tattoo Audio® employeesa program of environmental management systems and technology designed to reduce the environmental impact generated by authorized supplies and vendors and a system of risk management designed to prevent environmental contamination and reduce accidents to zero.
Distribution, Sales, Marketing and After-Sales Service : Tattoo Audio® works to minimize the environmental impact generated by distribution, sales and after-sales activities related to products and services, while providing customers with key environment-related information and incorporating any useful feedback.
Post-Use Resource Management : Tattoo Audio® actively engages in building recycling systems for collecting and reusing post-use (end-of-life) products geared to local needs in cooperation with business partners and regional communities.